connect groups
Our connect groups serve as a perfect place to learn, serve, and have fun with a small group of people to live out what the Bible views as fellowship. Throughout the gospels we see Jesus using small groups to disciple those and live in a community of believers; this is our goal for our connect groups. This year we are excited to have three different options of our Connect Groups! Each of them will meet on Sunday nights but will be meeting at different locations. Get connected with one today!
Home Group
This informal group meets at a family’s home where you will be able to live life with a small group of people going through a weekly Bible study, pray with each other, and live in community with one another. There will be a place for your children to play with other kids while you get to come as a family each week! If you are interested in this group please look in our welcome center for more information on the address of the home and the time it starts.
Through The Bible
This is for those who are looking to take a deeper look into scripture and learning more about it and applying what it says to our lives now, rather than a topical approach. This is a great class to take if you want to know more about what the Bible says and learn from those who are teaching and in the class. Questions are welcomed at all times, even ones that may seem “obvious” to others can be talked about here and answered with what scripture says. This will combine both topical discussion points through books or studies as well as deep study into the Word of God. This group will meet at the church in the fellowship hall at 6pm.
GO Group
This group is for those who enjoy spontaneity in their lives as you may not know what you are doing until you get there! This group will continue to do gospel saturation when the weather permits and when it doesn’t they may have a small group Bible study in one of the members homes. They will be going to various places, doing different activities in hopes to stretch comfort zones for the sake of the gospel, and to grow in new area’s of ministry.
We hope that you find a home and community in one of these groups by joining them on Sunday evenings. If you need more information on them please call our church office at 417-549-3990, email us at, or stop by our building. Get connected today!