Our church has a heart to feed the hungry. Our goal for this is not to give a hand out as much as a hand up. We want to walk along side those whom we have the privilege to serve and not only help a physical hunger, but a spiritual one as well. We have two main avenues that we help aide those who are in hunger through our backpack program, and our food pantry. 
Food Pantry
Our food pantry is here to help those who are in need of food for their families or themselves. Typically, this is a once a month service that will provide you with two paper bags full of food and sometimes other household goods depending on the resources we have at the time. Our overall goal is to walk along side someone to help them rather than simply hand them food and them be on their way. If you are interested in donating to, or utilizing this ministry, please contact our church office by phone, email, or stop by Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 9am-4pm. 
Backpack Program 
This ministry is one that our school has seen the need for. With over 70% of the students in Sarcoxie on free or reduced lunches, some of them don’t get a meal from when they leave school on Friday until they get back to school on Monday morning. What this program does is give them a bag of non-perishable food that is made with certain age groups in mind. If you are interested in this ministry please talk to your local school counselors as we are giving them the backpacks and they are dispersing them to the students in order to create a stronger bond between families and schools. 
(417)-548-3990 | 101 N 17th St. Sarcoxie, MO 64862 | office@fbcsarcoxie.org
Office Hours For Food Pantry: Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 9am – 4pm