mission statement 
Our mission as fbc Sarcoxie is connecting people to Christ. Our purpose is to become a unified body, whose head is God. This body will seek to make Christ known and minister to all people through everything we do. We seek to live this out in three ways: to pray, serve, and share. 
Often times we see in scripture that the first reaction Jesus had to any situation was that He would pray. We believe that prayer isn’t the least we can do, but the most. With everything we do as a church we try to cover it in as much prayer as possible. We also encourage fellow believers to do the same for their daily lives. 1 John 5:14
We want to be known around our community as a church who serves. Jesus was a prime example of a servant leader, someone who served not for the benefit of himself, but for the benefit of others. Mark 10:45
Our work is considered worthless if we don’t share the gospel with people. We make great efforts to assure that everything we do is providing an opportunity to share the gospel with those who need to hear it. This is why we exist as a church. Matthew 28:16-20
Scott Pogue 
Senior Pastor