worship ministry
Mission Statement: Meet people where they’re at and take them one step closer to Christ.
When we read the Bible we see worship happening from Genesis to Revelation. We view worship as a response to who God is and what he has done. It comes in many forms, whether that be through art, service, prayer, study, music, etc. We stress this heavily that the songs we sing in the service on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights are not the only forms of worship. Worship shouldn’t be something we go somewhere specific and do once a week, we should be doing it all the time! That being said, this ministry is specifically focused on worshipping God through music as a congregation. God used many people in the Bible to use the talents they had for his good. The Old Testament has examples of it when musicians were playing at the tabernacle and “singing to the Lord.” Moses searched for “skillful and gifted” men to help build the tabernacle as well. Just as they were, we want to be a place where people can use the skills and passions that God has granted them for His glory.

Do you have to be a musician to be passionate about worship music and get involved? Of course not! We have places you can serve and be put to great use even if you aren’t directly gifted with talents playing an instrument. 

Creighton Tamerius 
 Worship Minister 
(417)-548-3990 | 101 N 17th St. Sarcoxie, MO 64862 | office@fbcsarcoxie.org